Remember Mamma


“The 1st lady in your life “

By MICHAEL G CARR (4/15/18) Remember Mamma aka RM is an emotional heart stirring stage play that speaks to the heart of everyone.  The play (or short) is a strong reminder that no matter how old we are, no matter what successes we have, there’s one champion in our lives always praying & rooting for us.  At times she’s overlooked, most subconsciously not intentionally, & or pushed aside on the back burner but she’s forever front and center.

RM tells of a woman who came from humble beginnings and worked hard to give her children a strong foundation of faith & family values and though they may not have had it all they had each other.  One of her children who experiences success seems to forget or dismiss the sacrifices she made for him and his siblings.  Until one day the heartbeat of his heart is paused!

Just when you think, life can change in an instant of a flash.  TJ is reminded through a troubling experience the good times he had missed out on and now seeks for grace and mercy to redeem the times.   Meanwhile Ramsey has grown to resent his brother TJ because of his selfishness, always having an excuse or reason he could never help.  Ramsey is an aspiring dancer who specializes in Flex’n which TJ feels a wasted dream.Sometimes we’re given the good fortune to make things right.  RM is a reminder NOT to ever forget or take the 1st Lady in your life for granted…  Remember your first scratch, bruise, crush, and job?  There was always a 1st and the first one to share those experiences was MAMMA, the lady in your lives.  What happens when that very person and time is threatened?  RM helps to build and rebuild relationships with love, forgiveness & understanding.

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