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INITIALS ENTERTAINMENT & PRODUCTIONS (IEP) is your one-stop exploration of the best Gospel and Christian entertainment. (IEP) is an established and foundationally sound entertainment company with biblical principles that are directly aligned with its mission and goals.


Our vision is to create timeless, high-quality productions that unite diverse cultures, sparking meaningful conversations and enriching societies worldwide.”


To create impactful and enduring productions that serve to educate, empower, unite, and promote positive synergy among diverse cultures through the arts.


We are committed to fostering understanding, collaboration, and appreciation across different cultural backgrounds, with a focus on creating works that stand the test of time and contribute to a more enriched and interconnected society.

Michael G. Carr

CEO / Executive Producer / Head Writer

Lisa Belle

Producer / Production Manager

Dwayne Hickman

Director / Acting Coach

Mark A. Bowen

Executive Producer / Creative Director


Partner / Executive Producer

Brandon Rawls

Song Writer & Producer

People are Saying

I was blessed to see "Remember Mamma". Truly a blessing to me and my family. So many take aways that help to remind me of time spent with my own mother. Riveting from start to finish, can't wait to experience my next Initials production.
James Dorett
Didn't Know My Own Strength is a must see... A story about the struggles and triumphs of ordinary people like you and I - Duly glorifies the role of families and united communities; powerful and Riveting!!!
Kevin Mitchell
AWESOME SHOW!!! 2 THUMBS UP!!! I haven't seen a well written, well casted and well organized Production/Play in a long time, and believe me I've been invited to many for possible casting, My hats off to the CAST/CREW/AND WRITER Pastor CARR!!! EVERYONE NEEDS TO SEE THIS PLAY!!! THOUGHT PROVOKING, POWERFUL and MOVING!!!
Film Producer / Director Joshua Coates