Born through one of the worst Pandemics in our lifetime, Covid-19 has shaken the very fiber of America.  With countless lives loss and still counting it’s hard to imagine if life would ever be normal again.  Seeing courageous acts of love and kindness reminds us all of the incredible human spirit.  With compassion and empathy for others, we seen the reason why AMERICA is still great, and we continue to “BUILD BACK BETTER”!
Grace @ Christmas aka G.A.C., is a uplifting inspiring short film that warms the heart even in unprecedented tragedy.  The nytrosities of life happenings in & around the Watson Family would normally force a retreat from life.  However, rooted in their faith and each other, the Watsons finds grace and inner strength to ride the storms of life.  Though not easy at all, the Watson family seeks to fight through the pain of loss of loved ones, financial and yes even fight through depression.

Reginald Watson a successful business executive finds himself on the cusp of being jobless.  Angela has suffered loss throughout her extended family and colleagues while trying to hold the family together.  Always seeing the good in all things begins to lose her way and becomes a functional addict until Julia her daughter becomes ill and the fear of COVID-19 grips the Watson family.  Frank & Reginald Jr begins to show signs of being weary struggling with withdrawal.

Mother Mary, the Matriarch of the family, begins to remind the family, who they are as both a family and a people.  She then recounts her struggles and reminds each of them, that life owes them nothing and others have and are suffering worse though it’s difficult to imagine.  Grace is found during the most miraculous time of the year.  Just when things look hopeless, with fervent prayer & faith, the breaking of day begins to break through.

Grace @ Christmas is a powerful wrenching short film that reminds the viewer how blessed we truly are and even at our worst times, grace & mercy has been shown.  “Better is the ending of a thing, than the beginning”.  Mother Mary and support of family, friends and faith shows the Watson’s that “This To Shall Pass”!

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