One Nation two Americas


One Nation Two Americas is a short political satire film by exceptional talent, lending their voices for change in such an unprecedented climate & culture seen in our lifetime. See how an African American Family struggles with the harsh realities of Brothers & sons at odds. Will the difference of political views ruin the family? What happens when one forgets their own culture and race? What happens when privileges are mistaken for blessing? How does a family deal with radical views within their own home? The “Conversation” addresses the elephant in the room. Don’t be surprised who’s the elephant! This film causes the awakening out of one’s sleep and forces the realities of what as a people we must do. Will you be the change or will you remain TWO AMERICA’S?

A SmallWorld Productions & Initials Entertainment/Productions Film.

Directed by: Mark A. Bowen

Executive Producer & Screenwriter: Michael G. Carr

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