Coming - March 2023

Living the Dream
African American Celebration



Living the Dream is an Annual commemorative event celebrating our heritage, paying homage to our past, while honoring our present and moving forward to our future. Although the event is birth and recognized as an African American celebratory event it culminates the ethnicity of ALL races that makes the United States of America what it is – a land of opportunity for ALL. Our primary focus is twofold, to salute those who make a difference in the surrounding communities and lives in which they live and serve, secondly to restore HOPE while educating a seemingly forgotten generation.

Living The Dream was birth in the wake of one of our leading historical legend, the late Coretta Scott King and the hope of seeing America break through tradition and bigotry by electing our 1st African American President – paving the way for all those regardless of race and or gender, that you can dare to dream, work hard and “LIVE” the AMERICAN DREAM! As a nation that continues to evolve we see that the dreamer’s dreams are realized and forever unfolding. As we unite as a people and nation we continue to break the barriers and chains that would bind and separate us. We continue to preserve through much adversity destroying yokes that would otherwise cripple or stunt our growth.

Living The Dream is a unique and extraordinary event borne in an era of the 21st century that breeds NEW LIFE, a REFRESHING WIND, with a QUEST of SUCCESS. Living The Dream is NOT swayed by the rhetoric of our political climate or the divisive roars of our religious beliefs. We find common ground and build on upon the commonalities of our culture, morals and values as “IN GOD WE TRUST” being ONE NATION UNDER GOD INDIVIDUALS

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